About The Project
The artist believes the world has more than enough to sustain humanity.  Sadly, due to the greed of many, a lot of people go hungry. These are portraits of people who, in one way or another, share a piece of their bread. The bread symbolizes not only material things, but could also be something intangible like inspiration, encouragement, hope and love.  The celebrity portraits are artist’s personal collection and are NOT FOR SALE.  
RDJr   – Oil on Canvas
36 x 48 in   Year: 2017
Boninak –  Oil on Canvas
36 x 48 in    Year: 2016
Pres Obama  –  Oil on Canvas
36 x 48 in   Year: 2018
Simple Joy  – Oil on Canvas
48 x 36 in     Year: 2017
Survivor –  Oil on Canvas
60 x 48 in     Year: 2017